Vortus Investments is a Fort Worth-based private equity firm focused on generating long-term capital gains through investments in the lower to middle market upstream energy industry in North America.  Formed in 2013 by Jeffrey W. Miller and Brian C. Crumley, Vortus’ philosophy focuses on a disciplined approach to investing with an emphasis on repeatability.  The Investment Team’s collective 60+ years of global energy experience covers a wide range of disciplines, including: private equity, investment banking, M&A, capital markets, public equity and debt investing, asset management, and restructuring, and is supported by a foundation of petroleum engineering.  Through Vortus’ complementary technical, operational and financial experience in energy investments and operations, the team has developed a broad network of integral industry relationships to source potential investments.

Vortus’ asset-based investment strategy will focus on lower to middle market investment opportunities by providing development capital in partnership with successful owner/operators in the North American onshore upstream industry.  Vortus believes its broad experience will position it to help portfolio companies drive managerial, financial and operational improvements, advance organic and acquisition growth, and optimize exit strategies.  Vortus will emphasize privately negotiated transactions in the lower to middle market requiring approximately $25 million to $100 million of equity capital.

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